Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My First Tag!!!!!

Well, my dear little friend Stacey tagged me! I guess I've really hit the big time now.

The rules: List five things you are currently obsessed with. Then in return, tag five bloggers whose blogs you are obsessed with reading. So, here goes:

  1. Cruising. As if you didn't know. The Husband and I first cruised on our belated honeymoon in July, 1985. We took a short cruise to the Bahamas and one of us didn't like it all that much. And, the one of us wasn't me. So, I didn't dare mention cruising again until I started working with a cruise-obsessed young engineer at ExxonMobil. I quickly became insanely jealous listening to his post-cruise reviews and booked us on a cruise to Key West, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. That was September, 2003. Fourteen cruises later, we are ADDICTED. Thank you Royal Caribbean for a lifetime of memories!
  2. Mexican food. Have to have it at least once a week. Period. First meal back from the above-mentioned cruises, is a meal at our fave Tex-Mex place. And, what makes up the best Tex-Mex meal - cheese enchiladas, rice, beans and a taco (wrapped with a warm corn tortilla - try it - yummy and eliminates the taco "dump") First time I ever ate Mexican food was when we moved to Mission in the Rio Grande Valley in 1960. I was 7 and was afraid to try it at first. But, once I ate above-mentioned meal at the Palmetto Inn in McAllen, I was ADDICTED.
  3. Days of Our Lives. "Like sands through the hour are the days of our lives." DOOL has been on air since November, 1965, and I do believe I have watched it since the day it first aired. Yeah, yeah, I was only 12, but hey, the storylines were pretty innocent back then. Well, except for the adultery, murder, deceptions, know, all that stuff. And, let me just say, I'm so glad that Sami has finally discovered that Sydney is her baby........I was about to call her myself!!
  4. So You Think You Can Dance. I know, I know.......this is the second tv show I've mentioned being addicted to - but it's my list. Let me just say that I feel so very sorry for you poor folks out there who think that Dancing With the Stars is a legitimate dancing show. WRONG-A-MUNDO. These kids on SYTYCD are AMAZING - simply AMAZING. Must admit, I'm not as enamored with the kids this season, but they are still good. Last season's dancers were out of this world.
  5. La Grange, Texas. I thought to myself today as I was circling the courthouse square.....this is an amazing little town and I am so blessed to live here. I love, love, love it and am so thankful that my dear Leigh pointed us in the right direction. Conservative values, patriotism, kindness, politeness, great kolaches, Leopards football team, beautiful courthouse (with no waiting in line inside!!), Bistro 108, little over an hour's drive to Houston, Austin, Victoria, San Antonio.... I could go on and on, but then you'd want to move here and we really want to keep it small and quaint! Sorry.

I actually have many more addictions - mostly food-related - but I'll stop with the five listed above. You all realize, don't you, that my biggest addiction is my family. Love you all!

And, by the way, consider yourself tagged:

  1. Cindy S.
  2. Karen G.
  3. Jamie C.
  4. Allison C.
  5. Lisa H.

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  1. Now I want to cruise to Cozumel where I can eat an authentic Mexican meal. Thanks!

    I'm so glad you haven't forgotten that I suggested La Grange to you all those years ago. I guess it's impossible for you to forget, seeing as I remind you all the time.