Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Santa

I've been a very good girl this year. So good that I decided to give you my Ultimate Christmas Wish List. I don't really expect you to give me any of these things, but it's fun to dream! I mean, if you want to, then that would be great - maybe just one or two????
  1. Starbucks in La Grange. You can place it on Hwy 71 so the folks going from Houston to Austin can enjoy it, too. Right now, I have to drive all the way to Bastrop and that's just too inconvenient for early morning Latte cravings.
  2. Target in Bastrop. I make it to Bastrop about once a month and I would be content with hitting my fave store about that often. You have obviously seen the growth in that little suburb of Austin and I think a Target would suit Fayette, Bastrop and Lee counties just fine.
  3. Swimming pool. My husband is very anti-swimming pool and I would really love it if you could just pop one in the back yard and also include a cabana boy to care for it. Oh, and maybe pay the additional electricity involved in owning a pool. I promise that I would swim in it every day.
  4. Fully-loaded black Lincoln Navigator. This is the ultimate vehicle as far as I'm concerned ever since I rode in one in NYC - and it was a taxi! If you think this is too showy for La Grange, you can substitute a fully-loaded black Tahoe or even a Yukon.
  5. State 3A championship for the La Grange Leopards. I know, I'll have to bring this gift a bit early - like on December 19. They are such a nice bunch of boys and it would be just great for them - and all of us.
  6. National Championship for The University of Texas Longhorns. 'Nuf said.
  7. One carat Tiffany diamond studs. That's a carat in EACH year. And, I wouldn't mind a one carat Tiffany solitaire ring, either. Simply elegant.
  8. Weight loss of at least 30 pounds for me. Then, I can look fabulous in my Tiffany diamonds, fully-loaded black Lincoln Navigator and black pencil skirt - just above the knee, white silk blouse, black Louboutin pumps, sheer black hose - WOW.
  9. Black bag - your choice of designers. I'll leave it to you to decide. Just make sure it looks good with all items in #8.
  10. Ultimate cruise vacation. If you'll just leave me a gift certificate from Royal Caribbean, I'll plan the itinerary. I'm thinking Tahiti, Hawaii, Antarctica - not sure at this point.

Santa, I know the above list is rather extravagant and materialistic in places. But, I also know it's good to dream. I'll make up a more realistic list in the next few days. And, of course, I will write up my list of serious requests. But, that one will be addressed to a power greater than you, Santa.

Much love,


Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes, Paul and I have been officially adopted. We said this wouldn't happen. We said we wouldn't allow ourselves to become attached to an animal that would depend on us for food, shelter, love........but, alas, it is so. Buster first appeared at our back door months ago. No offense if your name is Buster, but his big ears and not all that attractive appearance led me to call him "Buster." It was a rainy day and coolish (well, coolish if you weigh less than 10 pounds). He sat there and shook all day. When it quit raining, he left! We had printed "lost dog" notices to post on our road, but never got them up. A day or two later, we saw him at the house on the adjacent property, hanging with their two dogs. He seemed content and would always run out and bark at us when we passed. And, there he stayed until earlier this week.

Who knows why he decided to roam again. Perhaps, Buck and Cowboy next door got tired of him stealing their food and ran him off. Maybe he just got a wild hair and decided to take a road trip. Anyway, he appeared and the rest is history.

He now has two homemade beds - one for cool weather and one for really cool weather. Please don't tell him that one is just a cardboard box and one is an old recycle bin with a hole cut out for a door. It is quite stylishly lined with carpet to make it warmer. And, tonight, he's sleeping in the laundry room. Don't think I'm ready to look out and see a Buster popsicle.

He eats dog food, has a chew toy and gets lots of love and attention. I am, however, officially putting this in writing. HE WILL NOT BECOME A HOUSE DOG, UNDERSTAND? Did you hear that, Buster?

ps If he doesn't stop whining and barking in the laundry room, he may have to stay outside - even if it is below freezing!