Monday, November 9, 2009

The Luau, Mission, Texas

Bobbie Placke

Hi's me, Bobbie! Don't be scared. It really is me and I am officially entering the world of blogging. I first heard the word "blog" several years ago during the election process. I think it was Bush v. Gore and the reporters kept talking about the "blog, blah, blah, blah......" Figured it was a passing fad. Well, folks, it's here to stay and I'd better get on the train or get left behind. (Plus, my Leigh-Leigh has been really bugging me and Cindy for months and months and since Cindy officially hopped on the train, figured it was my turn.)
So, who is this girl above, you ask? That's me, circa 1970. Decided just to include a head shot. Good grief, Charlie Brown, were my skirts REALLY that short? Did my Mom let me leave the house like that every morning or did I roll up the waistbands once I got out of eyeshot? (the latter, the latter) Life was good in 1970. Good friends, FOOTBALL, pep rallies, cute boys, awesome high school, straight hair (didn't have to iron it like my friends did), Chicago, Eagles, Beatles, Carpenters, CCR, The Kinks (shout out to Leigh-Leigh), Animals, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Dusty Springfield, etal. Seriously.......not a care in the world. wonder, what is The Luau? Well, it was just the coolest, hippest hangout in Mission, Texas! was the ONLY hangout in Mission, Texas, but it worked just fine for us. Many an important decision has been made there. Kinda like The White House, Congress, The Haig, United Nations, etc. But, on a smaller scale, I suppose. Like who likes who, who should be Most Beautiful, did she REALLY deserve Homecoming Queen, whether to go out with (fill in the blank), should I break up with Aggie boyfriend and play the field, what college to go to, what do I want to be when I grow up, etc. Don't laugh. These were seriously important questions for a 17 year old and many of the answers shaped my life forever. Would I like to go back and change some of those decisions, you bet. Am I full of regret that I can't. Of course not. My life is wonderful just like it is!
Is the Luau still there, you ask? Yes, it is and a shout out goes to my niece for snapping a pic while she was recently visiting Mission. And, you know what, I bet there are still important decisions being made there!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Mommy Dearest! We're so happy to have you!

  2. Hooray for Momma B, moving into the 21st century!! Good job on the first post, but I must say there is something deeply disturbing about my Mother In Law saying "should I play the field" and talking about short skirts. :-)

  3. Oh, you are so beautiful. What the heck is going on? Most of the high school beauty queens look terrible by the time they get our age. What happened to you? You are still gorgeous! Not fair, not fair, not fair!!!